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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
CHEM 210
Brian Coppola

Use & Usefulness – Students’ Perceptions of Resources Informed Consent Form I, ______________________ understand that Professor Brian P. Coppola , on behalf of the Department of Chemistry, is conducting a study to determine students’ perceptions about how much they use, and how useful they find, the different resources avai lable for learning in Chemistry 210 and 215. I understand that there are no anticipated risks or benefits to participants in this study. Overall, this study seeks to provide information that may ultimately improve chemistry instruction at the university level. I understand that I am allowed to ask questions about this study both before agreeing to participate and during the course of the study and that I may refuse to participate in th is study, discontinue at any time, or not answer questions without any consequences. Participation or non -participation in this study will, in no way, affect my academic standing or record. I understand that the survey responses will be compiled and anal yzed by a collaborator who is not associated with the Chemistry 210 or 215 courses, and that the analysis will not occur until after grades have been awarded for the semester in which these responses are collected. I also understand and give permission for my background information, which is available from University of Michigan data
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