CHEM 211 Study Guide - Solvent, Titration, Separatory Funnel

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30 Oct 2014

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This week in chem 211 everyone must start expt 6 (if you haven"t already) by choosing and characterizing 3 organic solids: one must be a carboxylic acid, the other two can be anything else - remember you want. Different compounds so the separation will be easier. Characterizing includes taking solubility tests (best displayed in a table), tlc analysis and irs. have an organic solvent that dissolves your carboxylic acid and one other compound) try the separatory funnel. If you have solubility tests done (and you. Record the starting amount of the carboxylic acid and the other compound (about 125 mg of each) Dissolve both of these compounds together in an organic solvent (ch2cl2 is the best choice, note the density) Separate layers, run a spot from each later on a tlc plate to see what compound(s) are in each. Remember that you must have recovered material from your sep funnels - recovery is essential.

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