COMM 101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Word Magazine, Mass Communication, Market Segmentation

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The culture industries that produce and distribute cultural products (news shows, tv shows, magazines, advertisements, music, film, promotional materials: products distributed have a shared meaning for a large number of people. Circulates shared and contested values that link individuals to their society. Pervasive in everyday social landscape: posters, pop-ups, ads, tv. High exposure and used: average person spends 3,500 hours a year consuming media. Financial importance: ex) advertising expenditures near billion a year. The production and delivery of mass cultural products and messages through media channels to large and diverse audiences. Communication- creation and use of symbols to convey information and meaning: reality is produced, maintained, and transformed. Accompanied the shift of rural populations to urban settings and the rise of a consumer culture. Channels of communication: medium- one channel of communication, media- many channels of communication. Mass media does far more than reflect reality- magnifies, distorts, and exaggerates features of society while ignoring others.