COMM 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: Battletech, Reality Television, Syphilis

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Ethnography: the study of people and cultures in natural settings. In critical/cultural media studies, the study of people"s engagement with media: production, audiences. Refers to a relationship between researcher and interviewee that demonstrates comfort, trust and understanding. Strategies to build rapport: be honest and transparent, be informed about your interviewees, be relatable, offer verbal and non-verbal cues, set appropriate tone, consider context and setting. They provide us with people"s accounts of their media engagement. Rq = research question, iq = interview question. Don"t ask your respondent to answer your rq! However, your rq informs your iq: need to move from rq to specific iqs, figure out how to ask answerable iqs. Be open-ended: avoid dichotomous and one-word answers. Be straightforward: clear not multi-part or convoluted. Avoid overly broad topics: break big topics into accessible sub-topics. Helpful strategies: role play, share what others have said about the topic, make them the expert, past/present/future, choose among alternatives, projection and fantasy.