COMM 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: Quality Television, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Retool

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Communications 122 exam 2 study guide: ethnography: the study of people and cultures in natural settings, in critical/cultural media studies, where do we study of people"s engagement with media. Focus groups: participant observation, ** all of these can be used in combination** Rapport: refers to a relationship between researcher and interview that demonstrates comfort, trust, and understanding: strategies to build rapport. Distinguishing between rqs and iqs: your rq isn"t an interview question, don"t ask your respondent to answer your rq, however, your rq informs your iq! Need to move from rq to specific iqs. Not: are you satisfied with got this season? . Not: how satisfied are you with got this season? . Instead: what about this season did you find satisfying? : be straightforward. Not: what about kesha"s music, videos, fashion, or general celebrity presence first caught your attention? . Instead: what about kesha"s music first caught your attention? : avoid overly broad topics.