COMM 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bronycon, Asperger Syndrome, Quality Television

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Went three times a week for three months during the third season. Hanging out with the gg fans on the site, taking notes, reading what they were doing. Immersing herself in the online culture of korean gg fans. My little pony doc: describe the brony fandom. Lyle the boy said that he was an upset person before watching the show and now he isn"t. Gives them a space to discover different ways to perform masculinity, dressing in different ways at bronycon and painting their nails. What was the researchers take (in the reading) on bronyculture. The researchers take it seriously while doing an online study. They didn"t think they were doing something that"s that resistant to gender norms. Bronies that they are interacting with often don"t think that they are challenging gender norms. They say they like it because the things that they take out of the show are ways that they believe men should act already.