ENGR 101 Final: ENG101 - C++ Review

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ENGR 101
Rick Niciejewski

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C++ Review Bool - 0=false, 1 / any value=true LIBRARIES cmath Standard math library cstdlib C standard library (common functions, ex. rand) iostream Standard input/output (cin and cout) fstream File input/output through streams iomanip Set precision for printing floating point numbers string The string datatype vector The vector datatype ORDER OF PRECEDENCE 1. Not / sign change (! -) 2. Multiplication / Division (* /) 3. Addition / Subtraction (+ -) 4. Insertion extraction (<< >>) 5. Less / Greater Than (< > <= >=) 6. Equal / Not Equal (== !=) 7. And (&&) 8. Or (||) 9. Assignment (=) INPUT / OUTPUT ifstream fin; ifstream fin(“data.txt”); fin.open(“data.txt”); or ifstream fin(string.c_str()); fin.close(); //Always close at end fin.close(); fin.fail() - returns true if fin does not open fin.is_open() - returns true if fin opens getline(fin, string) - stores the entire line from fin into string while(fin >> variable) - reads in data from fin when there is an unknown amount ofstream fout(“file.txt”); fout.close(); SELECTION if() else if() else() LOOPS for(int i=0; i> xpoint >> ypoint) for(int i=0; i>=0; i--) while(getline(fin, name)) while(word.find(“fun”) != word.npos) FUNCTIONS int function(parameters) { // Do stuff } function(const vector &numbers) - pass by const reference, used for large data types (doesn’t copy all that data) and won’t change original values Pass by value - default, does not change value of variable outside of function Pass by reference - & changes in function are v
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