MO 302 Final: Outline Lecture 17

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Management and Organizations
MO 302

17: Fragile and Precious Thursday, February 23, 2017 9:42 AM Mulvey et al.: “When teammates raise a white flag” Case: Carter Racing (A) Conclude the animal form of group life ------ Barriers to Effective Group Decisio-Making • “Self-limiting behavior” • “Groupthink” • “Bureaucratic ethic” • Group image concerns Mulvey, Veiga & Elsass “Self-limiting behavior”: When group members surrender themselves (their own energy and ideas, their individuality) to the group What causes self -limiting behavior? • Presence of someone with expertise • Presentation of a compelling argument • Lack of confidence in ability to contribute • An unimportant/meaningless decision • Pressures to conform to the team • A dysfunctional decision -making climate Roger M. Boisjoly: Challenger Shuttle I …grabbed the photographic evidence showing the hot gas blow -by comparisons from previous flights and placed it on the table in view of the managers and somewhat angered, admonished them to look at the photos and not ignore what they were telling us; namely, that low temperature indeed caused significantly more hot gas blow-by to occur in the joints. I received cold stares…with looks as if to say, “Go away and don’t bother us with the facts.” No one in management wanted to discuss the facts; they just would not respond verbally to…me. I felt totally helpless at that moment and that further argument was fruitless, so I, too, stopped pressing my case.” somewhat
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