MO 302 Final: Outline Lecture 18

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Management and Organizations
MO 302

18: A Beautiful Thing Thursday, February 23, 2017 9:42 AM Hill: “Managing your team” ------ The Navy Blue Angels:Have signs/symbols/values/folkways that support solidarity and give meaning to the name Hill: Managing the Paradoxes of Group Life • Embrace individual differences and collective identity and goals • Foster support and confrontation among team members • Focus on performance and learning/development • Balance managerial authority and team member discretion, autonomy • Attend to the triangle of relationships ○ Manager --team member --team as a whole • Baseball Type Teams ○ Interdependence of players is low; fixed positions; members make few adjustments to one another. ○ High degree of individual specialization ○ Players “play on the team”; not “as” a team ○ Examples: assembly line, lawn service • Football Type Teams ○ Players have fixed positions like baseball, but positions are more interdependent, more mutual adjustment ○ Players subordinate to the team; play “as a team” ○ Examples: symphony orchestra, ER staff • Tennis Doubles Type Teams ○ Positions not fixed. Players adjust to one another. The team performs; individuals contribute. ○ Exa
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