PHIL 160 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Divine Command Theory, Cultural Relativism, Theism

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5 Sep 2018

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10/13/2014 9:36:00 pm: relativism and nihilism (bagish, individual relativism, whatever you think is right/wrong really is right/wrong for. You to do: your personal attitudes or beliefs are what makes actions right or wrong for you, ex) murder; abortion, cultural relativism, whatever your society/culture believes is right/wrong really. Or opposes another society: what if practices are based on false beliefs, tolerance/intolerance right/wrong in respective cultures. Only correct moral criticism: someone contradicting own beliefs: nihilism, there are no moral truths, all views on what is right/wrong are equally false, nothing is good, right, barbaric, wrong. Hmm: new definition: god is bound by laws of logical; can do all things logically impossible, theists defend dct, 1. ) Commanded by god and good means loved by god : good loves good things = god loves things commanded by god no, 2. ) Moral objectivity: only god can provide an objective basis for a single true morality (opposes relativism: implications for theists, 1. )

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