PSYCH 270 Final: Chapter 1 Review

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Luke Hyde

Chapter 1 Review Psychopathology is the field concerned with the nature, development, and treatment of psychological disorders Deviation from the set social norms is considered to be disordered Disordered behavior can only exist in realtion to another behavior o This is difficult because behavior is on a spectrum There is a great deal of stigma against mental disorders caused by 4 items Distinguishing label (Diagnosis) Label refering to undesirable traits (Disorder) People with the label are seen as different (Us vs. them) People with the label are discriminated against Mental disorders must occur within the individual, cause significant impairement to behavior, thoughts, or emotions, and create dysfunction in processes that support mental functioning They cannot be explained by a medical issue or life event and cannot be the result of social deviance or conflict with society Greatest problem in defining disorder is that it is subjective o Many measures must be taken to minimize the impact of clinician subjectivity History of Psychopathology Early demonology was the idea that people who had mental disorders were actually possesed by the devil and were evil or bad people themselves Early biological perspectives started in 5 AD with Hippocrates and the Greeks who saw disorder as a lack of balance between the four humors of the body o Believed disorder can be treated by rebalancing the body o There were also only three categories of disorders Mania, melancholia, and Phrentis Dark ages of demonology started in the 13th century with witch and lunacy trials which often used brutal treatment to force confessions to be made falsely Developments of the asylum occurred in the 15th century and insane people were house in mental institutions where living situations were not the best, and the wealthy would pay to go see the people like a show o Pinel outted the institutions and lead to moral treatment which saw the indvidials as people o Dorthea Dix encouraged policy reform and created many moral treatment facilities, but they were often under staffed Evolution of contemporary Thought: Biological approaches are based in the idea that disorders are actually rooted in a biological nature and can be fixed through surgery or changing the body Psychological approaches vary, but are almost all derived from Psychoanalysis, analytical psych, or behavioral psych and think that by changing cognitions one can fix the disorder Behaviorism is the idea that you can condition people to act abnormally or normally, so take people who are disordered and reorder them through training
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