PSYCH 270 Final: chapter 13 review

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Luke Hyde

There are two main categories of disorders in the DSM5 Internalizing disorders Externalizing disorders o These are more likely to be diagnosed because they have an outward expression of disordered behavior Externalizing Disorders ADHD General info o In the DSM5 symptoms must be present before age 12 (7 in DSMIV) and must last for at least 6 months For children, there must be symptoms in 6 areas, but only 5 are needed for adult diagnosis o There are three specifiers for the disorder Hyperactive Inattentive Combined o This is one of the most common childhood disorders (811) and is 3x more likely in boys than girls Girls with ADHD are often comorbid with conduct disorder Etiology o There is a 7080 expected heritability o Associated with changes in Dopamine levels o Deficts in the PFC and Basal Ganglia Treatments o Stimulant medications are used 80 of the time but have some side effects like loss of appetite and potentially heart issues o Medication and therapy combined are the most effective treatment Conduct Disorder General information: o Children with the disorder often show aggressive behavior and lack remorse or guilt for their actions o Some children may lack prosocial emotions They are callous and unemotional o Substance use, anxiety, and depression are often comorbid with the disorder Etiology o Only 4050 heritable o Believed to be linked changes in neurological strucutre and connectivity of the brain in the amygdala, hippocampus, and areas dealing with Seretonin Lower arousal in the ANS means less reaction to punishment as a threat o The behavior may be learned from peers Treatments o Parent management training is very helpful because issues with the disorder can be avoided through consistent, warm parenting o Multisystematic therapy must be used as the child becomes a teenager to provide the most stable environment possible o Prevention programs are not super successful Theories
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