PUBPOL 201 Quiz: Quiz 3 Study Guide

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1 Dec 2016

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Candidate that would win head-to-head against all other candidates. A candidate wins without the majority because there are more than two candidates whom votes are split among. A candidate gets more than half of the vote. Maine and nebraska use the congressional district method. The winner of each congressional district gets one electoral vote, then the rest go to the winner of the state popular vote. Electors (cid:449)ho (cid:448)ote differently than their state"s popular (cid:448)ote. Provides structure for the campaign and election somewhere for candidates to focus resources, easier to count votes. Gives more influence to smaller states who have a disproportionately large representation because of the extra two electoral votes for house representatives. Focus resources on s(cid:449)ing states and don"t ha(cid:448)e a presence in other states. The electoral college winner may not be the popular vote winner, so it is not true democracy.

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