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Michael Favorito Anthropology 205 Field Observation/Exercise For our group’s field observation exercise, we chose our location to be the main foyer of the Isenberg School of Management here at UMass. We spent about 30 minutes observing students in this location and taking notes on such things as their actions, gestures, posture, ways of communication, and many other aspects of their behavior. We compared the similarities and differences of our notes to come up with a long list of in depth observations about the students and the way they acted in this environment. Our observations focused a lot on the student’s communications and interactions with each other. The Isenberg foyer, as we noted, was a very calm and quiet area where students were all working at tables, either alone or with a group, on various homework and projects. Most students were working on laptops, and almost all of them that were working alone had in headphones, most likely because they were not communicating with anyone else at the time. Everyone was acting very professionally and studious, although there were a few instances of people talking loudly and other students passing through the foyer going to and from class that may have been a distraction to the concentrated students. This environment was not very diversified, as we believed that almost all of the people there doing work were students in the Isenberg School of Management, although there was no signification that they were the only students allowed in the foyer, so basically anyone who wished to had the right to study and work in there. Since the environment was not very diverse, there was not r
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