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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Alexandra Pope

Hayley Payne 11/19/13 Astronomy 100-L02 Lab Final Project - SunsetAngle On November 5, 2013, I observed the sunset from the twelfth floor of the Dubois library. My observations took place between the hours of 3:39pm and 5:09pm. I took several pictures of the sunset at various times: an hour before sunset, half an hour before sunset, at the time of the sunset, and half an hour after the sunset. The sky was mostly clear with a few clouds. The clouds did not affect my earlier pictures as much as the pictures that I took at and after the sunset. Once the Sun began to set behind the clouds, the clouds partially obstructed my view of the sunset. An hour before the sunset, the Sun’s altitude was 8 degrees and the azimuth was 240 degrees.Ahalf an hour before the sunset, the Sun’s altitude was 4 degrees and the azimuth was 245 degrees.At sunset, the altitude was 0 degrees and the azimuth was 250 degrees.Ahalf hour after sunset, the altitude was -4 degrees and the azimuth was 255 degrees. I found the Sun’s azimuth at these different times by using the UMass campus as a compass. Knowing that the campus is set up in such a way that certain campuses and buildings are in specific directions, such as Northeast and Southwest campuses, I found that estimating the azimuth
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