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Ch.5 *b/c rising air cools less rapidly when condensation is *Relative humidity is: temperature dependent, may be occurring as a result of the release of latent heat, the substantially different than humidity in a house, (moist adiabatic lapse rate) has a lesser value than usually higher at night than day, a measure of the the (dry adiabatic lapse rate) content of water vapor compared to capacity of an air *Advection: fog forms when warm moist air moves sample, ALL OF THE ABOVE over a colder surface *The most important *Orographic: precipitation is a result of air being lifted process for cloud formation in the atmosphere is: over a highland area cooling by expansion of air *Sinking or subsiding *the two conditions that promote thunderstorm air cannot form clouds due to: warming temperatures development are: warm moist air and an unstable *Dew point is the environmental lapse rate temperature at which water vapor in the air begins to *Moist adiabatic: lapse rate is in effect when a parcel condense, the temperature inside a cloud would of air rises above the condensation level therefore be: about equal to dew point Ch. 6 *the primary force for which causes all winds is: *During the process of adiabatic cooling, the temp pressure gradient force decreases b/c the air has: expanded to large volume *in the southern hemisphere anticyclone winds flow: *An adiabatic process is one in which the: heat outward and counterclockwise exchanged with the surroundings is zero *the coriolis effect occurs because of earths rotation *Evaporation is a process which *the pressure gradient force is directed from higher to tends to keep temperatures cooler where it occurs. lower pressure: everywhere This is b/c evaporation: uses energy to change the *horizontal variations in air pressure cause a force phase of water instead of warming it which makes the wind blow. These pressure *Why do clouds represent a variations are caused by: uneven heating of earths source of heat for the atmosphere: cloud formation surface *if earth were not releases latent heat *Clouds and precipitation form rotating: air would move directly from high to low in the air primarily due to: air being cooled as it rises pressure *if *The relative fair weather is approaching the pressure tendency humidity can increase or decrease even though the would be: rising water vapor content doesn’t change b/c: relative *this prevents wind from following the direction of the humidity temp is dependent *the horizontal pressure gradient fo
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