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Heath Hatch

Ch 7 The standard sea level atmospheric pressure in An anticyclone is a center of high pressure and is millibars is 1013.2 mb. generally responsible for fair weather. Upper air disturbances and midlatitudes storms form A cold front forms when a cold air mass penetrates a near the polar fronts. warm air mass. Strong wind convergence in association with the ITCZ In cyclones, convergence and uplift typically cause generally occurs at 0 degree latitudes. condensation and precipitation, whereas descent in anticyclones causes the air to warm. In the Hadley cell, ar rises at the ITCZ and descends in the subtropical high pressure cells. low pressure troughs forms between 2 high pressure cells Hadley cell are driven by hear from the Sun. True. In middle and high latitudes the dominant form of Most of the world’s great deserts are located near the weather system is the midlatitude cyclone subtropical high pressure centers. An occluded front occurs within a midlatitude cyclone In monsoon regions, average conditions tend to be when a cold front overtakes a warm front wet ad hot in the summer and dry and cool in winter Prevailing easterlie aloft propel midlatitude cyclones. During the winter in the midlatitudes, we expect to find False HIGH surface pressures over the land and LOW pressure over the ocean. During the summer, we The leading edge of a polar outbreak is a cold front expect this pressure pattern to SWITCH. with squalls. Which of the following is not true about a jet stream? Ch 9 Tropical weather tends to be convective in It is due to the temperature difference between nature. oceans and land. Hurricane season in the northern hemisphere runs Polar fronts mark the boundary between cold polar from June to November air and warm tropical air. South America is rarely ever threatened by Disturbances in the polar jet over the midlatitudes hurricanes help transport cold air to Low latitudes and warm air The tools that weather forecasters use to track and to the high latitudes. study hurricanes are satellites, hurricane hunter In the ocean, the boundary between warmer surface planes, and ocean probes. water and colder subsurface water is marked by the As tropical cyclones grow, the low pre
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