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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Christiane Healey

Karolina Muszynski BIO 102 Stephanie Zimmer ID# 26897601 Assignment # 11 I enjoyed all the topics we talked about throughout the semester, which was a little surprising to me, because in the past I didn’t like biology. I am a nutrition student and as such I was interested in the areas related to nutrition, food and health the most. My favorite part of the course was the one that dealt with large biological molecules, such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids and also genetics. What is interesting to me is how those molecules all act in concert to produce components and compounds needed for our bodies to operate, all controlled by the genes in each of our cells. The interaction between various elements and systems in our bodies is fascinating to me and is something I still want to find out more about. I already knew that food and biology, including molecular biology and genetics, were strongly connected with each other. Thanks to the nutrients contained in the food our body can function properly. Lipids, proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates are macronutrients, which are the primary sources of energy and building blocks for our bodies. Our individual genes determine how efficiently we can utilize and process them and in turn those genes might play a role is what we like or not to eat and what our bodies tolerate well or not. In short our genes might dictate what our eating behavior is and what it should be.Also, it turns out that the reverse might also be true – that what we eat might affect our genes by turning them on or off. This is where genetic research connects with nutrition. This research might help us fight some nutritional diseases and disorders, and it might help dietitians understand what is going on within our bodies, and therefore help us lead mor
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