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Randall Phillis

Breanne’s Notes – Through Exam 2 Hallmarks of Cancer 1. self sufficiency for growth signals 2. failure to respond to growth controls 3. sustained angiogenesis 4. evasion of programmed cell death 5. limitless replicative materials 6. tissue invasion and metastasis 7. genomic instability/high mutation rate 8. metabolic changes-cachexia Combinatorial regulation of transcription Multiple transcription factors are required for gene expression Transcription factors activate or block gene expression in specific combinations DNA sequences and the presence or absence of specific transcription factors determined gene expression. acidic amino acids have a negative charge basic amino acids have a positive charge There is polar and non polar amino acids are held together by peptide bonds AUG is met and it is the only start codon the three stop codons are UAG, UGA, UGG RNA interference: cut up messenger RNA and prevents it from working miRNA siRNA RNAi ^These are all interference RNA Read: Nuclear Transport 7.4 7.5 Read DNA replication sections nuclear localization sequence: is an amino acid sequence which 'tags' a protein for import into the cell nucleus by nuclear transport. Typically, this signal consists of one or more short sequence
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