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Chelsea Van Thof Writing in Biology 312 Goodenough Advertisement:Airborne Ever wish you had extra protection from germs when taking a flight, visiting a hospital, or even just running to the grocery store? There’s at least one person who did. Sick of catching colds in class, a teacher created a remedy calledAirborne.Airborne is an immune boosting tablet that helps your body fight germs. It contains fourteen vitamins, minerals and herbs that all do their part in boosting your immune system.Among its components are Vitamins C, E,A, and Zinc. Vitamin C has many functions, including maintenance and repair of the body. Vitamin E andAhave antioxidant effects. Zinc is a mineral involved in the absorption, transport and use of Vitamin A. Airborne’s trademark commercial features the appearance ofAirborne Guy, a cartoon character who walks into a real-life scene depicting a person suffering from a cold. The afflicted person has holes spanning their torso, representing the absence of vitamins and minerals. Airborne Guy hands the victim a form ofAirborne, whether it be the Chewable, Effervescence or On-The-Go version, and each hole is filled as he lists the ingredients of the product. The victim instantly feels better, giving the impression that the product worked. If you take a look at the Airborne company website, you will find a page devoted to praise of the product. Short statements, including my personal favorite, “‘I LOVEAIRBORNE ALL MY FRIENDS TRY ITAND YOU WILL LOVE IT,’” make up this page. The support on this page makes it look like the general public loves the product, leading you to believe that its claims of helping the immune system are legitimate. The product also claims to have been clinically tested with unbelievable success. This gives the commercial audience the impression that the product is proven to work, since it is backed up by scientific evidence.Airborne has even earned the endorsement of the famous Oprah Winfrey, and who wouldn’t trust Oprah? In 2006, however,ABC Reporting discovered that the clinical trails forAirborne had no scientists, doctors, or clinic.Alawsuit was filed againstAirborne for false advertising
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