BIOLOGY 197FH Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Bowerbird, Sexual Coercion, Red Phalarope

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Polygymous- one sex mates with several of the other sex, usually no pair bond, usually no shared brood-rearing, often dissimilar morphologies. Polygyny - male mates with more than one female, females mate with one or more males (if more usually neighbors) and raise the young. Females choose males with territories in which more offspring fledge. Polyandry - female mates with more than one male, males rear young. Males choose mates and then raise young after building nest site with female. Females will defend nest site and males. (red phalarope) Promiscuity both sexes mate with multiple partners; the female usually raises the young. Experimentally mate preference of female offspring for ornamented male can be seen after one generation. Usually they share the task of brood-rearing. Male contributions are usually labor-intensive and in such species the females benefit by choosing unpaired males as mates. Bowerbirds have unique, multi-faceted male displays involving, sexual selection.