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CHEM 112
Chris Mc Daniel

CHEMI1201Spring 2013NameClassDateID AI Recordyour nanu on the Scantronforrn2 Recordyow sPrRE ID in the student Nttmber heading on the scantronform2 Record all ofyour answers onthe scantronform DO NOTwait mtil the end to do thisyour 3 Take exam youwith You have 60 minutes GOOD LUCKExam IMultiple ChoiceIdentifu the choice that best completes the statement questionor answers the l What is your the ID letter of exam question Record this for 1dD6rbBeEcC2 Which of the following factors are likely to affect the rate of a chemical reactionl presence the ofa catalyst2 the temperature of the reactantssolid physical 3 the state gas liquid reactantsor of the I a only2 b onlyc 3 onlyd I and3l2and3 lt3 When050moleCHgCO2Hisdissolvedinwatertoavolumeofl00L060yooftheCH3CO2Hdissociatestoform CHrCOzlaq is equilibrium for the reactionWhat the constantHrOl CH3CO2Haq CH3COTaq H3Oaqx 18 105Fnrqx 36 l05b4ox 30 l03cdeW4ffiqF1vrl11
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