Intro to Media and Culture [NOTES - PART 8] -- I got a 90% in the course

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January 28 How are telephones and televisions part of our (mass) communication? ● Telephone: first communication device allowing people to TALK to each other regardless of physical distance ○ Originally highly untrusted because our words “disappeared” ○ Initially, we paid for DISTANCE ■ Today, we pay for time ● We do we pay for these things? SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION! ● Television ○ Not so many people watch the same event on TV simultaneously anymore ■ 98% of US watched JFK’s funeral as it was broadcast ● This doesn’t really happen anymore ○ Everyone in the US is familiar with the word and concept of “television” even for those who don’t use/rejects TVs - What do we ACCEPT about mass media?? (Traditional) Mass Communication: largely one-way; from known sender to MASS number of anonymous receivers (Current) Mass Communication: shifting barriers and blurring lines between sender/receiver; ability for receivers to ALSO be producers (though this is still rare) ● Mass Media ○ Privately owned, advertising driven, profit oriented $$$
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