Intro to Media and Culture [NOTES - PART 7] -- I got a 90% in the course

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January 23: Why Study the Media? ● Study of the media in the 21st century is marked by massive change ● Media = plural of medium; media are in the middle, facilitating communication between sender and receiver of message ● Media has changed, but we are still AUDIENCES of the media ● Still watch TV, though we may watch on our smartphones rather than when it airs on an actual television - “Still doing what we’ve always done” ● 20th Century saw greatest increase in technology ● Traditions help us form our identities ● Media are so familiar to us that we often take it for granted - “what does it mean to have a computer in front of you?” “Where are your media choices?” ● SEE the presence of the media; stop assuming it will always be there ● The family, education, religion, labor - media are agent to these institutions ●
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