Intro to Media and Culture [NOTES - PART 6] -- I got a 90% in the course

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March 27, 2014 Globalization and Politics Globalization ➔ International finances and trade, development of international organizations, increased circulation of people, growth of transnational NGOs, diffusion of digital technologies ➔ Early work on globalization (mid to late 20th century): ◆ Those in favor: spread of modernity, force of progress, increased wealth, freedom, democracy and happiness ● Idea was that globalization would open up cultural diversity and spread democracy in less developed nations ◆ Critics: re-emergence of imperialism, imposition of capital domination, increased power for the already powerful ● Not power “throughout”, it’s power “over” ● Increased hegemony ➔ 21st century globalization: changing role of geography and physical distance; content of communication Space is no longer a boundary ◆ ➔ Theory and Practice of Globalization: Exploring McDonald’s ◆ Worldwide homogenization of societies through the impact of a multinational corporation; efficient, calculable, predictable; everywhere and look the same; worldwide spread of capitalism ◆ VERSUS ◆ Company is multinational, business is local; adapts to local needs and desires; what appears American actually borrows from other cultures ◆ McDonald’s begins as an American company, then spreads around the world ● Spread of capitalism ◆ Food is kept local ● No hamburgers in India because cows are sacred ● Local beef and avocado in Australia ◆ Americans did not invent fast food ➔ Why get McDonald’s when travelling in a foreign country? Familiar ◆ ◆ Don’t get weird looks ◆ Cheap ◆ On the go ◆ Cultural Exchange - compare the difference ➔ “Wherein lies the power?” Globalization and the Media: Exploring Music (we use music as a case study because it works very well, mobile) ➔ 3 developments of globalization of music: ◆ Music that would not normally travel beyond a particular location is now readily available in different cultures ● Beatles is the first
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