Intro to Media and Culture [NOTES - PART 5] -- I got a 90% in the course

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March 6, 2014 Social and Economic Class ➔ Advertisers want to target “millennium” generation who have $$ and will have children in about 5-10 years “Working class” in the media is portrayed as less intelligent as people with white ➔ color jobs ➔ People in the media live very comfortably without having high-paying jobs ➔ Fear of Class ◆ Fewer studies of class in media than race or gender - yet class is as much a part of our lives as race or gender ◆ Class is intimately part of the media world: because the mass media are for-profit, advertisers are keenly aware of the perceived class of audiences ◆ “My life is not as good as what I see on TV” ◆ Materialism ◆ The media has turned the exception into the rule ➔ Privilege ➔ Barbara Eh
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