Intro to Media and Culture [NOTES - PART 1] -- I got a 90% in the course

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March 13, 2014 Advertising, Public Relations.. Advertising ➔ Most successful in an affluent, plentiful society ◆ When the economy struggles, so does advertising ➔ Generates the bulk of revenue in the mass media ◆ Advertising “pays the bills” ◆ Mass media LIMITS distribution of newspapers and magazines to go to only “eyeballs” that can afford to spend money ➔ Give the illusion of choice while actually only giving one side of the story (the product side) Use careful language ◆ ● “Eyelashes will be 150 times longer”...than what?? ● “Lose up to 20 pounds” - includes 0 pounds Advertisements are literally everywhere and embedded in the every text we ➔ encounter ◆ On our bodies - branded clothing ◆ Billboards - drive down Mass Pike, to Boston ◆ Commercials - breaks in our television programs ◆ Once DVR and Hulu and Netflix gain popularity, PRODUCT PLACEMENT becomes hugely present IN shows rather than during commercials ◆ “Aspirational eyeballs” ◆ “Eyeballs that have some money” ● Different classes of people that advertisers target ● Both as valuable ● “Aspirational eyeballs” will work to spend money, while “eyeballs that have some money” will spend immediately ◆ Movies - previews are advertisements ◆ Internet - in general, the Internet is a traditional place for advertisements ➔ Make some degree of purchase ◆ “I want that. I will work hard for that.” ◆ “Please hand over your bills: cash or credit card.” ◆ *Illusion of choice* ◆ Advertisement helps us buy an image as much as we buy a product ● Purchasing a product that helps facilitate a lifestyle ○ “Being cool” ◆ “Martha Stewart” ● Brands being a housewife ● The name becomes a product “Aspirational Purpose” ◆ ◆ “The more you purchase, the better you are” - difficult position to be in when you do not have financial backing to do this ➔ Purchase Repeatedly ◆ “This is why your phone breaks” within a few yea
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