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COMM 287
Jennifer Mc Dermott

Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 20 , 2013 Study Exam Questions: Naomi Klein “New Branded World” Reading *Questions on Exam #1 1. What idea was the gospel of the machine age? A. The production of goods 2. What consensus emerged about corporations in the 1980s? A. Corporations were bloated, oversized; They owned too much, employed too many people and weighed down with too many things. 3. What race were new companies such as Nike and Microsoft competing in? A. Marketing their brand  “race toward weightlessness” Whoever owns the least, has the fewer employees on payroll and produces the most powerful image. 4. What tools and materials are needed for creating a brand? A. Endless parade of brand extensions, continuously renewed imagery for marketing, fresh new spaces to decimate the brands idea of itself. 5. What is the difference between the “brand” and the “advertisement”? A. Brand: core meaning of the corporation Advertising: one vehicle to convey the meaning to the world (Part of the brand plan) 6. What was the first function of branding? A. Bestow proper names on generic goods 7. According to adman Bruce Barton, what was the role of advertising? A. To help corporations find their soul 8. Where did the search for the true meaning of the brand take the agencies? A. Took agencies away from individual products and their attributes and toward
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