COMM 288 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Michael Kimmel, Marlboro Man, Bachelor Party

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8 Dec 2014

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Michael kimmel bros before hos": the guy code : what is the unifying emotional subtext of what it means to be a man? (p. 45) Never showing emotion or admitting to weakness: what is not an option in what it means to be a man? (p. 45) Kindness and compassion: who is masculinity largely performed for? (p. 47) Other men: what is the status of women in the performance of masculinity? (p. 47) Women are for possessing; currency : who are the gender police ? (p. 47) Men"s peers: how is a manly front maintained? (p. 48) In every aspect of what a man does: how do women suspect a man might be gay? (p. 49) If he is interested in what they are talking about, knows something about what she is talking about, or is sensitive and a good listener: what is the animating fear of american guys" masculinity? (p. 50)