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Hospitality & Tourism Managmnt
HT-MGT 370
Atul Sheel

Accounting HTM370 Statement Formats Examples: 1. Balance Sheet Hilton Hotel Balance Sheet As of Dec 31 , 2004 Assets Current Assets Cash 5000 Marketable Securities 25000 Accounts Recieveable 80000 Inventories 15000 Prepaid Expenses 8000 Total Current Assets 133,000 Property & Equipment Land 80000 Building 500000 Furnishing & Equipment 200000 Less: Accumulated Depreciation (150,000) Net Property & Equipment 630,000 Other Assets Franchise Fees 15000 TOTAL ASSETS 778,000 Liabilities and Equity Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 20000 Income Taxes Payable 10000 Accrued expenses 10000 Total Current Liabilities 40,000 Long Term Debt Bonds Payable 300000 Deferred Income Taxes 20000 Owners Equity Jerry Hilton, Capital * 418000 TOTAL L&E 778,000 2. Income Statement Income Statement Mary Motel st For the Year Ended Dec 31 , 2004 Operated Departments Rooms 253,700 Food 34,300 Rentals & Other Income 1,000 Total Operating Departments 289,000 Undistributed Operating Expenses Administrative & Gene
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