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Political Science

Sept 30, 2013 Putting the Building Blocks Together Political Development Economic Development CON’T Consequences of Backwardness - according to Gerschenkron! Increasing role of the state • • Need for coordination • Interconnectedness of Industrial Effort “Railroads cannot be built unless coal mines are opened up at the same time...” - Gerschenkron State Vs. Market Actors State is in a better position to understand long-term consequences • Intervention Vs. Distribution Political Development Impact on Political Development • State Centralization •Connection between economic and political power • Strengthening of the State •Vis-a-vis other social actors How does industry change overnight? What’s valuable on the market can change in a day due to innovation and invention that will make other products obsolete/not needed anymore. • Explaining political systems (regime types) •Democracy •Fascism •Socialism • Look at countries during critical junctures - times in the history of these countries where other paths were possible. Slightly prior to 1st world war. Critical juncture where any global path was possible. • Middle Developers •US •Germany •Russia • How did these countries end up on their different paths? - Answered by the theorists who wrote the readings this week! • Explaining Democracy • Three hypotheses • Alexis de Tocqueville - Political Culture Seymour M. Lipset - Modernization • • Barrington Moore - Social Alliances Political Culture Hypothesis Alexis de Tocqueville “Democracy in America” • •Democracy and individualism/egoism - epidemic of modern life. What we crave in modern life - our individual existence. As an individual, you can have your own home, car, without connecting with the outside world. Modern life invites and facilitates this. “Condition of modernity that happens to be very lethal for” government. •Role of voluntary associations “In democratic countries the science of association is the mother of science; the progress of all the rest depends upon the progress it has made.” de Tocqueville is shocked by America, wondering how it is possible for them to carry out such a successful system of democracy while France, the birthplace of democracy, cannot get it together. He writes to French audience. Robert Putnum • “Bowling Alone” Civic Associations: - Serve lots and lots of different roles. Can’t have hyper- individualism in democracy. Frats Red Cross (Non-state run) Unions Marching Band Churches (de Tocqueville yes, Putnam, no) Sports Critique of Political Culture Hypothesis •Too many disconfirming cases • Ex. Weimar Germany - prior to Nazi takeover - associational life was exploding in Germany. Everyone was involved in lots and lots of associations and did not stop the country from going into dictatorship regime •Weak link between associations and politics • Anti-democratic associations? • You can have racist, anti-political, neo-Nazi etc associations that COUNT as civil association Useful lessons Democracy and Collective Action • • Communication and Organization “Gov’ts, therefore, should not be the only active powers; associations ought, in democratic nations, to stand in lier of those powerful private individuals whom the equality of conditions has swept away” - Tocqueville We rely on political and social cues to tell us who to vote for. Without cues and signals, you’re going to have a hard time functioning in the context of mass democracy. Oct 2, 2013 Putting the Building Blocks Together Political Development ~ Midterm will be available on Moodle by 5pm today. Part 1: 6 ID’s - 30% (5 points each) • Name the author as
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