Memories of Things long Past (21-22)

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychology & Brain Sciences
Susan Krauss Whitbourne

Memories of Things Long Past Recalling Long Term Memories Recall Retrieval Cue Recall vs. Retrieval Tip-of-the-tounge phenomenon Levels of Processing Theory "the degree to which new material is mentally analyzed matters" Intensity of initial processing Shallow vs. Deep level of processing ​Structural Processing Acoustic Processing Semantic Processing (deepest level) The Structure of Long-term Memory Explicit "Declarative" Intentional, conscious Implicit "Non-Declarative" Unconscious Implicit "Non-Declarative" Memory "Retention without remembering" Skills and habits (Procedural) Emotional Priming "exposure of word/concept makes it easier to recall related info" Spreading Activation In Class Demo: The lofts Experiment (list of related words "smashed into") You can "plant" a memory Flashbulb Memories "specific, important, or surprising event that is recalled easily with vivid imagery" Source amnesia- memory for a material but can't recall where he/she encountered it. Constructive Processes in Memory Frederic Bartlett Constructive Processes "memories are influenced by the meaning we give to events" Schemas "Organized bodies of information stored in memory that bias the way new memory is interpreted/stored/recalled" Organizing information Biased- understanding, expectations, awareness, motivations Prejudice The Effect of Question Wording on Memory Children's Reliability Repressed
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