The language of everyday life (25)

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Susan Krauss Whitbourne

Language "The communication of information through symbols arranged according to systematic rules -- a central cognitive ability" Basic Structure of Language Grammar "Language's language" Sentence Phrases Words Morphemes "smallest linguistic units with meaning" Phonemes "smallest unit of speech" Syntax "ways in which words and phrases can be combined" Semantics "meaning of words and sentence" Ex. "colorless green lines etc.." A sentence can make syntactic sense but not semantic sense. Language Development Critical Period 6-12 months Babble "meaningless speech sounds babies make" 12-15 months 10 words 15-18 months 20 words 18 months - 2 years 50 words Telegraphic Speech "sentences in which words not critical to the message are left out" Ex. Drawing dog --> I am drawing a dog 2-3 years Sentences 4-6 words Overgeneralization Ex. He runned 4-5 years Basic rules of language Theories of Language Development Learning Theory Approach Nativist Approach Interactionist Approach Learning Theory Approach "language as a learned skill-- reinforcement and conditioning" B.F. Skinner Nativist Approach "Innate language acquisition device, genetic mechanisms to language development" Noam Chomsky Universal Grammar Interactionist Approach "language development is produced through a
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