Intelligence is a Many Splendored Thing (26-28)

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychology & Brain Sciences
Susan Krauss Whitbourne

Intelligence "The capacity to understand the world, think rationally, and use resources effectively when faced with challenges" Types of Intelligence g or g-factor (unitary entity) "The single, general factor for mental ability assumed to underlie intelligence in some early theories of intelligence" g "general factor" Gf: Fluid Intelligence Gc: Crystalized Intelligence s "specific abilities" Fluid Intelligence "Pure intelligence" Information-processing capabilities + reasoning Nonverbal abilities Ex. Puzzles Crystallized Intelligence "knowledge people gain through their lifetimes" Howard Garner Theory of multiple Intelligences Eight multiple Intelligences Word Smart: Vocabulary Body Smart: Athletics/Dance Music Smart: Performance People Smart: Interpersonal (getting along with others) Number Smart: Math/logic Picture Smart: Visuospatial, map reading Self Smart: Intrapersonal Nature Smart: understand universe/nature Robert Sternberg Practical Intelligence "Intelligence related to overall success in living" Correlated with career success instead of academic intelligence Analytical Intelligence "abstract but traditional types of problems: IQ test" Creative Intelligence "generation of novel ideas and products" Emotional Intelligence "The set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment of emotions" Empathy, self-awareness, social skills Information Processing Approach "Characterizing a person's intelligence according to speed, memory, and reaction time" Oscillation rate: speed, memory, and reaction time Oversights "Making mistakes" Executive Attention Network "Slows down to pay attention to details" Example: brain Games Parietal Lobe: distraction Cerebral Cortex: Concentration The Biological Basis of Intellige
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