PSYCH 100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Medulla Oblongata, Cerebellum, Bioko

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PSYCH 100 Full Course Notes
PSYCH 100 Full Course Notes
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Where do hypotheses come from: previous research, personal observation/curiosity, dissatisfaction with other"s existing theories. Match the type of research to the question it answers: Types of descriptive research: case study : Had a metal rod stuck through frontal lobe. Mood change, more aggressive and quick to anger: limits to case studies, not always applicable to everyone limited generalization, atypicality, observational research : : observe people and record behaviors: two types, unobtrusive : observe without participating, participant : participate in the observation, limits to observational method, lack of generalizability, some behaviors are difficult to observe/unlikely to occur/happen in private, survey research. If x is known, can you predict y. When want to find relationship between x and y. Goal: want to find relationship between x and y. What type of correlation is shown on each graph: positive, negative, none. Can examine factors such as age sex and race.

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