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PHIL 100

o Skepticism: the view that knowledge is not possible o Epistemology: study of knowledge o Idealism: the need not deny the existence of an external world o Foundational propositions: one that we know to be tr5ue without having a reason for it (foundationalist) o Self-evident proposition: one that we need have no reason for in order to be fully justified in accepting it o Arbitrary position: we have no reason for and would be wholly unjustified in believing o Matter: the collection of all physical objects o Idealists: there is nothing real except minds and their ideas o Descartes Circle: using a method to try and prove something by using another method o Rationalist : you can be built on had to be a foundationalist o Emperacist: foundation consists of mostly raw experience (emperialism) o Solecism: only thing that exists is me o Sensedatum: implies that maybe there is an external world  “sense data”- mental images/impressions/ideas/perceptions o Coherotism: when you have a belief it has to fit in other beliefs
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