Introduction to Ethics Notes Part 2

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PHIL 217
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Playing GodDr Kevorkian wants to legalize euthanasiaPeople nd it immoralElderly people would fear visiting their doctor the doctor might kill them instead of relling their prescriptionDepressed people would take advantage of itIt breaks the trusted role of a doctorto heal and do no harm If a doctor kills his patients sometimes he departs from his Hippocratic dutySlippery slopekill the terminally ill today kill the slightly unhappy people in a few years who are standing in the way of the grandkids inheritance then Nazistyle euthanasia of the untIt is morally wrong for a physician to play GodAquinas ViewSuicide is wrong Life is a gift from God God is master of life and death taking your life is a sin against God only God has authority to decide about life and deathPlatos ViewJust like a farmer would
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