Introductory Psychology Notes Part 1

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University of Massachusetts - Boston

Ch. 12 Module 36 Zygote: conception - 2 weeks Embryo: 2 weeks - 8 weeks Fetus: 8 weeks - birth Age of viability: week 22 when fetus may survive if born prematurely Fetus born normally after 38 weeks Zygote: fertilized egg Embryo: a developed zygote that has a heart, brain, and other organs Fetus: developing individual from 8 weeks to conception Teratogen: environmental agent such as a drug, chemical, virus, or other factor that produces a birth defect Gene: smallest unit through which genetic information is passed Chromosome: rod-shaped structure containing genetic info Ch.12 Module 37 Neonate: newborn child Basic reflexes: ! Rooting reflex - neonate turns head toward things that touch their cheek (nipple ! ! or bottle) ! Sucking reflex - infants suck at things that touch their lips ! Gag reflex - clear the throat ! Startle reflex - series of movements in which infant flings out arms, fans the ! ! fingers, and arches back in response to sudden noise) ! Babinski reflex - baby's toes fan out when outer edge of sole of foot is stroked Infants lose these reflexes after first few months of life Habituation: decrease in response to a stimulus that occurs after repeated presentations of the same stimulus. Used to tell a baby's interest in something. With a new stimulus, babies pay close attention and thei
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