ESPM 1011 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Habitat Fragmentation, Overfishing, Primary Succession

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By protecting an umbrella species, the other species that make up the ecological community of the umbrella species habitat are indirectly protected. A food web with many weak links is more stable than a food web with few strong links if a disturbance occurs which removes a predator species. The ojibwe creation story told elders to move to an area that had abundant wolves. Historically, white earth tribal members moved seasonally to harvest resources. The following is a list of possible ways in which the two worldviews may be different from each other. The view that humans are a strand in the web of life. Most species that have been placed on the threatened or endangered list under the. Endangered species act (esa) have recovered and are no longer listed (not on the list). A deforested habitat is detrimental to all species. Private landownerships (owned by individuals like one of us, our parents.