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CRIMIN-4325 Study Guide - Final Guide: Civil Rights Act Of 1964, Organ Donation

Criminology & Criminal Justice
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Final Exam Study Guide
Gender, Crime, and Justice
IPA & Stalking
- Defining IPA & Stalking
- Tong (1984) three categories of IPA
- Other types of IPA (financial, harming pets/property, pregnancy IPA)
- How many times does abuse have to occur for it to constitute as IPA
according to Belknap (2014)?
- Five Domains of Stalking Risk Profile
- Historical identification of IPA & Stalking
- Frequency
- Walker’s Cycle Theory of Violence
- Motivations for IPA
- Characteristics of Abusers
- Why don’t they just leave?
- IPA in Twilight & Fifty Shades of Grey
- Issues measuring LGBTQ IPV
- Frequency
- Bidirectional LGBTQ IPV
- Intergenerational Transmission of Violence
- Unique factors related to LGBTQ IPV (outing partner, power differentials,
substance problems, reasons to stay)
- Hassouneh & Glass (2008) female same-sex IPV
- Doing gender/Doing masculinity
Girls in the System
- risk factors (school, family, etc)
)nternational Women’s )ssues
- Defining Human Trafficking
- Types of trafficking (sex, forced labor, and organ donation)
- The role of consent
- The three elements of Trafficking
- Scope of the problem
- Victim characteristics
- Trafficker characteristics
- Criminalization of Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons Protocol & Protocol
to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons)
- Challenges to eliminating trafficking
International LGBT issues
- Individual & Political attitudes towards LGBT issues (just have general
knowledge of attitudes ie. A majority of individuals globally think same
sex relationships should not be criminalized)
- Homosexuality as punishable by death (know that it is used as a possible
punishment and be able to briefly discuss the gender differences that we
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