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9 Dec 2019
Geography Final Review
Physical Geography Overview
Coriolis effect- causes air to move in a curved path
Trade winds- Located below equator and low pressure (0-30 North and South)
Holocene- ~ 11,000 A.D- Present time period of life
Plate tectonics- Earth surface broke into plates that move
The Westerlies- Air moving from subtropical highs and reflected by polar fronts
Koppen Classification System- Highlights areas of similar climates and
precipitation across the globe
Map Projections
Mercator- conformal cylindrical map projection
Robinsons- shows entire world at once, not proportioned
Peters- Distorts shapes
Human Geography
Human Societies
Hunter gatherer- relied on land and movement of animals
Agriculture- small communities with farming and keeping own animals
Industrial society- transition from goods to production of services
Economic terms
Gross domestic product- quantitative measure of goods and services
Foreign capital investment- investment from one country to another
GINI coefficient of economic equality- measure from 0-1 (statistically) which
shows degree of inequality
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