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BSC2085C Quiz: Lab Practical 1 Review

Biological Sciences
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Professor Amatuli
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Lab Practical 1 Review
Spring 2020 for Professor Reynolds
The Language of Anatomy
1. Anatomical Position: Body is erect, feet slightly apart, palms facing forward, feet on
2. Directional Terms:
a. Superior/Inferior: Above / below
b. Anterior/ posterior: front and back
c. Medial/ lateral: Toward/ away from the midline
d. Superficial/deep: Surface and deeper inside
e. Proximal/Distal: APPENDAGES ONLY! Near/ far from point of attachment
3. Body Planes:
a. Coronal (frontal): Divides the body into anterior and posterior parts
b. Transverse: Divides the body into superior and inferior parts
c. Sagittal: (parasagittal: Doesn’t divide the body into equal halves) (Midsagittal:
Divides body down the midline)
4. Body Cavities:
a. Dorsal
i. Cranial, vertebral
b. Ventral
i. Thoracic (Chest)
1. Lungs and Medastanum
a. Lungs have 2 pleura and the medastanum has the
5. Serosa Membrane
a. Thin double layered membrane separated by serous fluid
i. Parietal serosa: Lines the cavity wall
ii. Visceral serosa: Lines the organs themselves
b. Peritoneum: Serosa that covers the abdominal organs
c. Pericardium: Serosa that covers the heart
d. Pleura: Serosa that covers the lungs.
6. Body Quadrants:
a. Right
Hypochondriac region
b. Epigastric region
c. Left
hypochondriac region
d. Right lateral
e. Umbilical Region
f. Left Lateral
g. Right Inguinal
h. Pubic Region
i. Left inguinal
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