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[SYG2000] - Midterm Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (15 pages long)

Sociology: General
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Intro Sociology Week 1/2
Lifecourse Transition: Major change in one’s life
oExample: going from college to high school
Social Integration: Forming relationships with others which can then increase attachment to the
new environment
oThis can help make a lifecourse transition easier
oFor example: making friends, joining clubs in college can provide one with greater
attachment to their new environment.
Civil Attention: Where people do pay attention to someone because it is a social norm to do so
oExample: In a classroom the students are attentive to the professor
The opposite of this would be civil inattention. This is where we ignore people
around us that we don’t know (strangers) because it is polite to do so, according
to society.
Consolidation of responsibility: Pushing the responsibility onto others around us.
oExample: Only a few people in class will raise their hands every time a question is asked.
oThis can also be known as the bystander effect.
Intro Sociology Week 2/3
Three Fundamental Characteristics of Sociology:
oA non-individualistic/structural perspective
Takes two forms:
Explaining Human Behavior
oHumans are not freely acting and choosing individuals.
oEvery choice made is influenced by larger social forces
Sociological Imagination:
oThe vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and
the wider society.
oCritical Imagination
Also takes several forms:
Law of unintended consequences:
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