BIOS 111 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Foxp3, Springer Nature, Confidence Interval

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27 Mar 2017

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An epidemic, although not necessarily deadly, is an acute illness that spreads through a population at the same time and affects those whom do not have an immunity. Personal: personal information allows scientists to track which individuals interacted with each other to spread a disease between each other. Geographical: geographical information allows scientists to track which areas of a country or region a disease is affecting. Age-related: age-related information allows scientists to track which age groups prove more susceptible to or are primary hosts for a disease: if the epidemic demonstrated in lab was a caused by a real infectious agent, such as zika, Ebola, or influenza, list 3 factors that would influence rate of transmission besides the ones we tested. Airflow, sanitation facilities, health of individuals, bacterial growth requirements, and climate could all influence the rate of transmission of a disease. Bios111 research paper: search and research the topic.

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