PSYC 181 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Behavioral Neuroscience, Monism, Confounding

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7 Feb 2017

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Psychology as a field:
o Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the following subfields of Psychology: biopsychology,
developmental, experimental, industrial-organizational, personality, social, cognitive, and
clinical psychology
Based on a description of research, identify the subfield.
Psychology as a science:
o What is the definition of Psychology?
What defines scientific research?
What are the 5 questions associated with Critical Thinking/evaluating claims?
o Name and briefly describe the 4 Goals of Psychology research.
Give (or match) examples of research to the goal
o What’s the difference between Basic and Applied research?
Give (or match) an example of each
o Name and briefly describe the 3 Levels of Analysis in Psychology.
Give (or match) examples of research to the level of analysis
see 2nd activity in “Perspectives in Psychology Additional Activities” (Blackboard)
In 1 or 2 sentences, briefly outline the basic ideas of Monism and Dualism.
Major Perspectives in Psychology (including Structuralism, Functionalism)
*** Note: see “Schools of Psychology” handout (Blackboard) ***
o In 1-3 sentences, what is/are the basic idea(s) or premise(s) of each perspective?
Give (or match) examples of research to each of the 6 perspectives
see “Perspectives in Psychology Additional Activities” handout (Blackboard)
Which level of analysis is each perspective most focused on?
o Are there any particularly special methods associated with the school (e.g. introspection,
psychoanalysis…)? If so, describe them in 1-2 sentences.
o Who are the 1-2 most major people in each perspective, and why are they important?
e.g. Wundt 1st psychology lab; Watson = father of behaviorism, etc…
o What are the basic findings of any of the research discussed in class?
e.g. Sociocultural: Cow-Chicken-Grass?
e.g. Biological: lesions to brain areas in rats
o What (if any) major contributions did the perspective make to the field of Psychology?
e.g. Behaviorism: behavior modification techniques; Psych more scientific
e.g. Humanism: concept of self-esteem; positive psychology movement
o In 1-2 sentences, briefly describe any “special” topics within the perspective
e.g. Sociobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Behaviorism, etc…
Scientific Method
o What is Empirical Evidence, and why should it be Systematic?
o Defining & Measuring Variables
What is an “Operational Definition”? Give examples of operational definitions for
“exam stress” at each of the 3 levels of analysis (biological, psychological, enviro.)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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