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RELG 307 Quiz: RELG307 Birth Narratives Assignment

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Spring 2017

Religious Studies Program
Course Code
RELG 307
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Plato Documents p.129-130
-divine ancestry
-Fathered by a God (Apollo)
-after efforts to impregnate wife,
dream occurs
-she becomes pregnant without sex
Apollonius pg. 208-9
-mother approached by a god while
-father of prestigious line (ancestry)
-son of Zeus (?)
-mother gave birth in field of flowers
-swans honked
-lightning struck
Matthew 1:1-2:23
-genealogy of Jesus
-pregnant Virgin
-Joseph wants divorce
-Joseph doesn't want to
disgrace Mary
-angel appears in dream
-do not be afraid
-name him Jesus
-fulfilled prophecy (Is 7:14)
-didn't consummate marriage
until after birth
-Jesus born in Bethlehem
-King Herod
-Magi came from West
-Herod disturbed
-Herod lies to Magi
-gold, frankincense, myrrh
-overjoyed Magi
-warned in a dream
-Joseph has dream to leave Egypt
-fulfilled prophecy
-Herod kills baby boys
-Herod dies=family to Israel
-Joseph was afraid, went to Galilee
-fulfilled prophecy of Nazareth
-Jesus is a Nazarene
Luke 1:25-56, 2:2-10,3:23-38
-Gabriel appears to Mary in
-Elizabeth was 6 months along
at this point
-Joseph is descendant of David
-Mary is highly favored
-Mary was greatly troubled
-Do not be afraid
-You have found favor with God
-name him Jesus
-Even Elizabeth is pregnant!
-I am the Lord's servant
-Mary hurries to see Elizabeth
baby leapt for joy in the womb
-Joseph goes for census to Judea
-a descendant of David
-Jesus born in Bethlehem
-wrapped in cloths
-placed in a manger
-no guest room
-angel appears to shepherds
-they were terrified
-Do not be afraid
-Jesus genealogy linking back to
David, Adam, and God
Luke 1:5-25,57-80
-Herod is King
-Elizabeth and Zechariah righteous
-angel appears, says he will have a son
-call him John
-many will rejoice because of him
-he will bring many back to God
-angel is Gabriel
-Zechariah is cast silent until birth
-disgrace taken away
-neighbors shared in joy of birth
-going to name him Zechariah,
-Elizabeth said it must be John
-Zechariah wrote Joh o talet
-could speak again
-What then is this child going to be?
-Lord's hand was with him
-rescue from enemies
-John will give knowledge of
-salvation through forgiveness of sins
-child grew and became strong in spirit
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Plato Documents p.129-130 Matthew 1:1-2:23 Luke 1:5-25,57-80 Luke 1:25-56, 2:2-10,3:23-38 -divine ancestry -genealogy of Jesus -Gabriel appears to Mary in -Herod is King -Fathered by a God (Apollo) -pregnant Virgin -Nazareth -Elizabeth and Zechariah righteous -after efforts to impregnate wife, -Joseph wants divorce -Elizabeth was 6 months along -angel appears, says he will have a son dream occurs -Joseph doesn't want to at this point -call him John -she becomes pregnant without sex disgrace Mary -Joseph is descendant of David -many will rejoice because of him Apollonius pg. 208-9 -angel appears in dream -Mary is highly favored -he will bring many back to God -mother approached by a god while -Mary was greatly troubled -do not be afraid -angel is Gabriel pregnant -name him Jesus -Do not be afraid -Zechariah is cast silent until birth -father of prestigious line (ancestry) -fulfilled prophecy (Is 7:14) -You have found favor with God -disgrace taken away -son of Zeus (?) -didn't consummate marriage -name him Jesus -mother gave birth in field of flowers until after birth -Even Elizabeth is pregnant! 57-80 -swans honked -Jesus born in Bethlehem -I am the Lord's servant -neighbors shared in joy of birth -lightning struck -King Herod -Mary hurries to see Elizabeth -going to name him Zechariah, -Magi came from West baby leapt for joy in the womb -Elizabeth said it must be John -Herod disturbed -Zechariah wrote “John” on tablet -Herod lies to Magi 2:2-10
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