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29 Nov 2016

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Chimps share more than 97% of our genes. The paths of chimps and human diverged 6 million years ago, humans moved out onto the plains. Jane goodall: began her study in gombe (on shore of lake tangangika) in tanzania 35 years ago, named fifi (daughter) and flo (mother) Fifi still lives with 6 surviving offspring. Freud, the eldest son, is now the dominant male. Frofo, the youngest, is largest chimp at gombe first human to be accepted by chimps. Christophe busche?: studied chimps too in tai rainforest, suggests that tool use and hunting strategies evolved before our ancestors left the forest, females will crack more nuts than males. Richard rangum?: chimps practicing a new kind of medicine?, swallow leaves in order to get rid of tape worms. Craig stanford: studies relationship between kalabos ??? and chimps, he hopes to shed origins of human evolution. Bonobos restricted to congo basin, chimps all along equatorial africa.