CRJ 104- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 43 pages long!)

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5 Oct 2017

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The defendant waives his fifth amendment right and takes the stand in his own defense. He tells court that he has (cid:374)o (cid:396)e(cid:272)olle(cid:272)tio(cid:374) of sta(cid:271)(cid:271)i(cid:374)g the (cid:448)i(cid:272)ti(cid:373) a(cid:374)d does(cid:374)"t k(cid:374)o(cid:449) (cid:449)ho she is. He also tells that (cid:272)ou(cid:396)t that he has never seen the knife that was used to stab the victim (trial) The prosecutor presents the court with exhibit a. It is a bloody knife that was found at the scene of the crime (trial) The defense attorney argues that her client was not afforded a proper defense. The public defender that was originally assigned to him slept through the testimony of several key witnesses (appellate) The jury foreman reads the verdict to the court. The jury finds the defendant guilty of first degree murder (trial) After hearing testimony from the prosecutor and the defense attorney, five judges unanimously uphold the original verdict, stating that the trial was conducted in an appropriate manner (appellate)