ENG 411B- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 29 pages long!)

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30 Nov 2017

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Study guide: members of all 4 form classes can be divided into further subclasses based on certain semantic features. In the city: by the president, on the holiday. Refer to things that are considered separate entities. Occur with many and other determiners that establish number: many pens, two cell phones, each egg (mass) nouns. Refer to things that we think of as not countable because they occur in a mass. The nominative case is evident in the pronouns (i, he, she, we, they) as opposed to the object forms (me, him, her, us, them) Verb inflections: every verb has an uninflected (or infinitive) form there are only 4 inflectional morphemes that can attach to the infinitive form. Used to indicate past tense of a regular verb. The inside of the canoe got pretty wet. past-participle inflection. Used with the helping verb have to form the present perfect and past perfect. I had wanted a salad. present- participle inflection.