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[ANTH 2108] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 30 pages long Stu..
[ANTH 2108] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 30 pages long Study Guide!

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University of Iowa
ANTH 2108
Meena Khandelwal

[ANTH 2108] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Syllabus Day/Introduction: Lecture 1 01/18/2017 India Background:  The country is incredibly diverse o In landscape  Coastal towns, mountains, deserts o In language and culture  Ex: Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Devanagari  No national language, but Devanagari is language of government  Constitution envisioned Hindi would be most commonly spoken o Did▯▯t ▯o▯e to pass ▯/▯ there are ▯a▯▯ pla▯es i▯ I▯dia where Hindi is no dominant language  Hindi is Indo-European rooted o Ex of words we stole: thugs, pajamas, veranda, cocky  South Asia o Typically includes:  Pakistan  India The▯ ▯ere▯▯t all origi▯all▯ i▯di▯idual  Sri Lanka countries:  Maldives -India once encompassed Pakistan  Nepal  Bangladesh  Bhutan o Sometimes included:  Afghanistan  Burma (previously Myanmar)  Maps are cultural documents o They always drawn from specific perspective o “patial ▯o▯stru▯t of ▯The West▯  Originally b/c West is Latin focused and Christian dominant  During Iron Curtain period-> West=U.S and Canada  Post 1960s: Politically and economic time  ▯The West▯ ▯as a ter▯ to des▯ri▯e de▯elopi▯g ▯orld  Mercator Map (1969) o ▯Co▯for▯al ▯aps▯ ▯riti▯ized for i▯▯reasi▯g distortio▯s of size  ▯Glo▯al “outh▯ = X2 la▯d▯ass of ▯Glo▯al North▯ ▯ut that▯s distortio▯  Usuall▯ the ▯de▯elopi▯g ▯ou▯tries▯  Peters Map find more resources at
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